As the Quicksilver site seems to be down right as everyone is reinstalling for Leopard, I've packaged the plugins I have into a zip available here. Quicksilver itself is available here. To install, just put the PlugIns folder in your Library/Application Support/Quicksilver folder or double click the plugins.

[Update] Zon Wakest was nice enough to upload additional plugins. Thanks Zon! These are now added into my archive and the combined list is below. If you got the old archive, download just the additional plugins.

[Update2] Quicksilver now links to 3814 instead of 3813.

The plugins included are as follows:

Adium Module.qsplugin
Airport Module.qsplugin
Apple Address Book Module.qsplugin
Apple Mail Module.qsplugin
Automator Module.qsplugin
Bezel Interface.qsplugin
Calculator Module.qsplugin
Camino Module.qsplugin
Chat Support.qsplugin
Clipboard Module.qsplugin
Command Line Tool.qsplugin
Cube Interface.qsplugin
Desktop Picture Action.qsplugin
Developer Module.qsplugin
Deviant Module.qsplugin
Dictionary Module.qsplugin
Download Actions.qsplugin
Email Support.qsplugin
Extra Scripts.qsplugin
File Attribute Actions.qsplugin
File Compression Module.qsplugin
File Tagging Module.qsplugin
Finder Module.qsplugin
Firefox Module.qsplugin
Flashlight Interface.qsplugin
Flickr Upload.qsplugin
Gmail Module.qsplugin
Google Calendar Module.qsplugin
Growl Module.qsplugin
HotKey Triggers.qsplugin
Keychain Module.qsplugin
Menu Interface.qsplugin
Mini Interface.qsplugin
Music Support.qsplugin
Primer Interface.qsplugin
Process Manipulation Actions.qsplugin
SSH Plugin.qsplugin
Safari Module.qsplugin
SafariStand Queries.qsplugin
Services Menu Module.qsplugin
Shelf Module.qsplugin
Slideshow Action.qsplugin
Social Bookmarks.qsplugin
Spotlight Module.qsplugin
Tatau Module.qsplugin
Terminal Module.qsplugin
Text Manipulation Actions.qsplugin
TextMate Ranker.qsplugin
Todoist Module.qsplugin
Transmit Module.qsplugin
UI Access.qsplugin
Web Search Module.qsplugin
Window Interface.qsplugin
iCal Module.qsplugin
iChat Module.qsplugin
iPhoto Module.qsplugin
iTunes Module.qsplugin

If you have other plugins that I don't, upload them somewhere and post the link in the comments and I'll add them to my collection.